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I pushed the wheelchair along as my mother sat enjoying the view of the garden. Every now and then she asked me to stop so I could take a picture of her with the flowers. The bright array of colors made a stark contrast with the dullness of the shawl she wore around her head and shoulders. Her upright stature did not betray her age and she smiled as I clicked the camera. I felt satisfied that this was a good way to spend the morning when my son was at school.

My son was not interested in seeing the garden; his interests were more in tune to the ferry trip we took last week. He sat watching the sights for an hour and that in itself was a great achievement. My camera was constantly clicking sometimes at the majestic buildings and their reflections glimmering in the water and sometimes at my son when he would turn around to smile at me. “Thank you Mama, for bringing me on the boat” he would say to me and each time my heart would melt. It really was worth the trouble bringing him without my husband being there.

My husband returned tonight just in time for dinner and after a week we ate together. He listened to me intently as I recounted the week’s happenings and my plans for the week ahead. He’s been having a tough time at work and the stress shows in the way his shoulders droop. I could tell that he was still thinking about work even when he was back home. He ate fast and with few words. His phone rang and it was from the office. He grimaced and got up to answer the phone leaving his food unfinished and me with my thoughts. “Well at least he’s back” I thought to myself, excited about the week of holidays ahead.

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