The Daily Rescue

Tell us about the time you rescued someone else (person or animal) from a dangerous situation. What happened? How did you prevail?

I wish I had stories of bravery to tell here where I threw myself in front of a speeding car to rescue a toddler stranded on the road or I pulled the dog out of the river to return it to its owner, but sorry I don’t have anything. Not that I wouldn’t put myself in danger to bring my child out of it, but thankfully nothing like that has ever happened.

As a mother I’m always rescuing my 4 year old from situations which he thinks are quite serious. “Help me, Mama, please help me!” cries the little guy trying to fix his broken toy. I come over and with expert maneuvers put his toy back together. “Mama, make me OK” he sobs when he gets hurt usually doing something naughty. I rub his hand and kiss it and make the pain go away. No repairman or doctor could do what I can do.

So what makes me such an expert? In my son’s mind Mama can fix any broken toy and mend any little hurt he gets. That’s what mothers are for.

I like my role as a rescuer. It makes me feel important and special.

And so it makes me sad to think that the older he gets and the more sophisticated his toys get it will be more difficult for me to fix them. And he’ll soon be old enough not to cry when he gets hurt and learn that eventually with time his wounds will heal by themselves. Will he stop needing me to rescue him?


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4 thoughts on “The Daily Rescue

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  2. No matter what his age, he will “always” need his Mama – it’s just the means and ways will change – a shoulder to cry on when he suffers his first heartbreak, a great hug when he scores his first goal in whatever sport he plays, an ear of someone he trusts when he needs advice about something important. Toys and little hurts are but small – the true test of “daily rescue” comes with aging and growing up.

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