Learning for the PMP exam

Some years ago while I was working in a telecom company some of my colleagues and I attended a workshop for the Project Management Professional or PMP certification. This was one of the prerequisites for sitting for the exam and though many of our colleagues had done this training before nobody had dared to do the exam.

The exam itself required first the registration in which Project Management experience had to be documented in detail, and then once this was approved, the exam was to be scheduled. At that time I was in a stagnant sort of position where I felt I was not really going anywhere. So to improve my situation I decided I would do the exam.

One of my colleagues also scheduled his exam but a few days after me so I would be the first person from my company to sit for this exam. I studied on my own but it really helped to have someone else studying the same thing. I would compare notes with my colleague and we kept motivating each other. I studied from a book and practiced the multiple choice questions available at the end of each chapter. I would study at work when I had the time and at home.

The last time I had done any exam was in University nearly 10 years prior to that. Of course we had had several trainings during the course of my career but I never had to sit in an exam. I was terribly rusty but determined that I had to pass. My company was paying for the exam and I didn’t want to let them down.

The day of my exam arrived. I was fully prepared. I had even checked out the examination centre before so I knew exactly how much time it would take me to arrive there. I went through the questions one by one and marked the ones I wanted to come back to later on the computer. My timing was going well too. I finished all the questions, checked all the answers and pressed the ‘Complete’ button. And then I waited with bated breath for the results.

I had passed! And so I became the first person from my company to become a certified PMP. This was really beneficial for me as soon I switched my job position and went into Project Management. A few days later my colleague also passed. And after that many more of my colleagues also attempted the exam and most passed. I guess they were all waiting for someone to start the flow!

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7 thoughts on “Learning for the PMP exam

  1. Congratulations on taking that first step. You’re never too old to learn. At 58 I took a 3 month on line course to get my certification to be the school’s librarian. It was the hardest thing I’ve ever done but I passed and today, 3 years later, I’m in my dream job…..library and art. I could have retired from teaching 2 years ago but I love my job too much and when I do retire I will be leaving on a high note.

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