Friday Fictioneers: College dreams


Sumaira dreamed of graduating from college one day. But their village had none and she had no relatives in the city where she could stay.

Her father who was always more keen on having her brothers educated, had to be persuaded by her mother at the end of each academic year to continue the next year as well. Would he agree to his daughter staying in a girl’s hostel? He always said that he didn’t like the “type of girls” who lived in hostels. They were too independent and talked loudly.

That afternoon when he met the Sargodha Young Women’s hostel administrator, a strict looking lady and saw the boarded up windows, he smiled. This was the right way to keep these young girls.

This post is a satire written for Friday Fictioneers.

6 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers: College dreams

  1. Oh,oh-that kind of father!It is so tough for girls in a conservative society to get an education-even in today’s world -so sad!At least she will get an education,if not the freedom!A good piece:-)

  2. Wow! This story reminds me of my father’s attitude! My brothers were all “looked after” when it came to educating them, but the female siblings were mere chattel.

  3. Dear Zainab,

    At least Sumaira will be able to go to college and, perhaps, break away from this misogynistic father, despite the hostel. I agree with Claire on the POV shift. Hard to carry that off in 100 words. Nice one nonetheless.



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