Tattoos, A Big No-No

Do you have a tattoo?

Where I come from, women (or for that matter men also) don’t have tattoos. We (women) do like wearing henna though on our hands and feet on festive occasions and weddings. Henna or mehndi as we call it, dyes the skin a reddish brownish color and lasts for a few weeks. It’s usually put in floral designs without any text.

My mehndi on my wedding

My mehndi on my wedding

I guess I wouldn’t need to have something written (and that also painfully) on my body. If I need to make a statement I’ll use words whether spoken or written.

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35 thoughts on “Tattoos, A Big No-No

  1. I had wanted to get a tattoo in my twenties but hadn’t found anything that I wanted forever, so I didn’t. Then, in my thirties my little brother was killed in a black ice car accident. A few weeks after that horrible event, a handful of his best friends and I did get a tattoo. They got the beautiful Celtic cross that my brother had on his back, I got the Trinity symbol in the middle of his cross.

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  4. I love mehndhi! I just love it so much! I think it looks gorgeous, and whenever I go to a wedding, I always like to put it on.
    Great post!

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  6. That is a gorgeous photo!

    I would have to agree that tattoos are very much a cultural thing. Generally I would also agree that if one needs to “make a statement” that words spoken or written are usually much more appropriate. If there is ever something, though, that makes you feel like a clanging cathedral bell is resonating from deep inside you and flooding your whole sense of being, that that something has become an integral part of your idea of self and how you expression yourself in the world, then I think something of that magnitude might reasonably prompt a person to mark their body in a way that they feel authentically represents that something. Something like the death of a loved one or a radical transformation of faith are often the case.

    • It’s just that tattoos are not present in my culture.

      When my husband was in his early 20s his first cousin who was a year older died in an accident. They were very close. His cousin had made a pledge to donate 1/10th of every earning to charity for the rest of his life. On his death my husband promised to carry on that pledge and to this day 13 years later he donates 1/10th of his income to charity.

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  9. I’ve always been fascinated by mehndi and yours is the most lovely I’ve seen. Would it be considered disrespectful for someone to have it done who is outside of your culture? I have seen it offered at fairs and carnivals and it somehow seems disrespectful. Maybe you could enlighten me a bit?

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  17. my husband died of hepatitis C-liver cancer on the December 3 ,2013. The Hepatitis C is come from his big tattoo…… is from satan magical practices in the ancient and now it is like a trend, satan’s trap to make people died from it and it is what satan want, make people die as many as possible to be with him when Jehovah God new world comes!!!!!

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