Close Call

I was 8 months pregnant with my son and my husband was living in another town some two hours away by car. He used to commute on the weekends.  I was working full time 9 to 6 but we had a driver who would take me to work and bring me back.

One evening I returned home and when I tried to unlock my door I saw that the lock had been broken and the door was open. I entered my home to see that nothing was out of place. What I didn’t realize immediately was that the intruder might still be in the house hiding somewhere!

I rang up my husband who immediately told me to lock myself in my room and have my pistol ready. In those days I had a pistol which I had learnt how to use. My husband said he would be leaving immediately to come home. We didn’t alert the police because, well, in my country you usually try to avoid getting involved with the police.

When my husband arrived he searched the whole house and thankfully found nobody. Also nothing had been touched. Apparently the intruder had broken the lock but something had scared him before he could enter. What made him run away, we will never know.

Later I realized fully what a close call I had. I don’t know what I would have done had I come face to face with the intruder. I am glad that never happened.

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DIY Fairy tale Prop Tutorial

Ever had cartons left over that you didn’t know what to do with? Here is a great idea and lots of fun for your little ones. Just turn it into a prop based on your child’s favorite character. Great for birthday parties! My son loves fairy tales so I made a “Jack and the Beanstalk” and a “Red Riding Hood” for him.


What you will need:

1 big carton

Oil pastels

Box cutter

Hot glue gun


Some felt and accessories like buttons, ribbon

Cut along the edge of the carton so you can open it out. Lay it out flat. Now one side will be used to make the main drawing and the rest for the stand. Cut the one piece for the main drawing leaving the piece for the stand in tact. The main piece should be the height of your child. Make sure the cardboard is thick enough for the piece to remain upright.

Sketch2511744Measure the size of your child’s face and draw the face towards the top of the cardboard. You  don’t have to draw in the features as this piece will be cut away. Using a box cutter cut carefully the face you drew and then check that your child can fit his/her face easily.


Face cut away from main drawing

Draw the rest of the character and the scene.

Color in the drawing. Oil pastels work well on cardboard. Make sure you cover the entire cardboard. Use felt and other accessories like buttons and ribbon to add some details. Make the hair of the character using felt. It looks great. It should come over the piece you cut on the hair line to look natural.

Now for the stand. First reinforce the piece of cardboard you have colored by gluing with the hot glue gun some pieces of cardboard on any bends. This will keep it straight. Next check the height of your child and estimate at what height you will glue the cardboard to the stand.

Take the piece shown in white in the first drawing and fold the bottom flaps inward (like the carton was originally) gluing  together the bottom flaps. Now glue the colored cardboard piece to the stand at the correct height. You can add extra pieces of cardboard at the back to reinforce.



Let the fun begin!

Friday Fictioneers: Headless



They had been married two months ago. Even though they didn’t have much money, they were getting by and were immensely happy with each other.

That evening her husband promised to take her to her favorite restaurant. She wore the red dress and gold earrings he had brought her and he told her she looked like a queen. They arrived at the restaurant at 7:14 pm.

Unfortunately several policemen were also dining at the restaurant. At 7:27 pm, a young man on foot made his way towards the restaurant and blew himself up. The bodies of the young couple were found next to the head of the bomber.

Word Count: 105

Confidence Games

Am I good at what I do? At the end of the day I always think I could have done something better. This drives me to be even better the next time.

Yesterday some ladies and I had a Meena Bazar for charity. I was in charge of the stall for handicrafts where several ladies had put in a lot of hard work to display for sale beautifully hand crafted items. I had also prepared different things like cross stitched wall hanging, painted shirts for children, hand crafted hair accessories, decorative boxes etc.

The lady in charge of the whole proceedings was very kind to tell me that she had noticed that I put in a lot of effort in what I do. I agree with her.  When I accept an assignment I put in every effort to do it to the best of my ability.

And that is the reason why 4 years ago, I quit my job. Even though my employers had given me a few months to work from home following my maternity leave I found that I couldn’t do justice to my office work nor to my new duty as a mother. So rather than doing something half heartedly I decided to quit my job and concentrate on being a mother.

I soon found out that this new job was to be the toughest assignment I had ever handled!

There are so many factors that come into play when raising a child that it is easy to be overwhelmed.

I started comparing my child with others which put a big dent in my confidence. “That child is only a few months older than my son, why is he so much bigger?” “He ate up all his food and my son just nibbled on some bread, why is he like that?” I wish I would not forget that every child is different and as long as he is meeting his milestones there is nothing to worry.

As a mother what is the criteria for knowing how well I am doing? Is it how healthy my son is? Or how well behaved? Well he is only four so it’s a bit early to judge, but if I am able to give him all the tools he needs to be an effective member of society I think I would have succeeded.

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My Playtime

When my son is at school and I have time to myself and when the weather is cooler I cycle around the lake near my house. Feeling the air on my face is revitalizing. Unfortunately I have to put my cycle away when it gets hot (a good 7 months) in Dubai and so I really look forward to the “winter” months here in the desert.

My “playtime” is in the morning when there are not many people out. Most of the children come out to play in the afternoon.

And here I am on my cycle and my cycling path way:

At other times I like to play around with my craft material and make different things. I do this almost on a daily basis. I usually have some project that I am working on. My latest project was converting a piece of cardboard into Jack and Beanstalk  and Red Riding Hood using oil pastels and some felt. This was for my son’s birthday party for the children to pose and take pictures. I am happy to report that the children had a great time with it!

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I gave my son his shorts to wear… and he put them over his head!


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Living in Fear

My husband was posted in the volatile Frontier Province of Pakistan. At that time I was working so we decided that I would stay in Islamabad and he would commute over the weekends.

Just a few weeks before, my husband’s colleague had been kidnapped as he returned to the factory with his wife. The kidnappers wore policemen’s uniforms and pretended they were taking him away for questioning. They left his wife and the car. When the family discovered he had been kidnapped they arranged for the ransom. He was released after a week, alive but terribly shaken.

One evening as we talked on the phone my husband told me that he was going on a field visit the next morning. I was a bit concerned but I didn’t say anything as, after all he had to do his job.

The next morning even before I had woken up I received a call asking for my husband. “But this is not his number”, I answered “Who’s calling?”

“I am calling from the security company and we are trying to call him but we can’t get through.”

“Is everything all right?” I panicked.

“Actually, the panic button in his car was triggered and we are trying to contact him now.”

The panic button had been installed in all the company cars since the kidnapping to alert the security company if a possible kidnapping was taking place.

“This is it.” I thought, “My husband has been kidnapped.” I told the man about his field visit and that there would be others with him so he should try to contact the others as well.

I spent the next few minutes trying to call my husband and agonizing over how I would arrange the ransom money and whether I would ever see him ever again.

My phone rang. It was my husband. “Don’t worry. It was a false alarm. I just cleared it with the security company.”

Relief enveloped me. That lump in my throat cleared.

“Why was your phone off?”

“We were passing through an area where the reception was bad.”

“Ok. Call me when you reach the factory safely.”

My husband worked in that area for two years. Whenever he would travel he would be armed and with a bodyguard. I could not relax until he would message me that he had arrived at his destination. Finally when my son was born, he decided he had had enough and started to look for other jobs.

We have been living in Dubai since then for the last three years and we have never felt unsafe again.

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My husband has this irritating habit that he must note down all expenses in his irritating little program on the computer as soon as he can. It drives me crazy. Yesterday I was in the mall and as soon as I paid for coffee I got a message from him (while he was at work) to place the receipts on his computer table. Now how am I supposed to do that if I’m still in the mall?

When he comes back from Saudi Arabia in the middle of the night, he checks if I have put all the receipts on his table and if I missed one when I get up in the morning he has sent me a message telling me to put it in the right place. I’m sure he is itching to wake me up in the middle of the night to ask me about it.

On the other hand it’s just because he is so organized that I don’t have to worry about anything. When we travel he has already planned everything and I know we won’t face any problems. He loves to make me feel pampered and comfortable. He’ll upgrade our flights or book us in a nice waiting lounge.

Then at home all our important documents have been scanned, backed up and organized so that if ever needed I would know exactly where to find everything. In our ten years of marriage I cannot remember a single instance when we lost an important document or left home without one.

So even though he drives me crazy sometimes, I really can’t do without him.

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Scary rides

What’s the thing you’re most scared to do? What would it take to get you to do it?

I am most scared of sitting in a rollercoaster and nothing in the world will get me to do it.

In 2000 I was visiting London with my family and one fine day I decided to visit the Millennium Dome. There was a ride there which was called something like Gravity Drop. The name itself was intimidating enough and should have kept me away from it, but I was in one of those moods where you want to try everything.

So I sat in it. Very slowly I was lifted up and was enjoying the view. So far so good. And just when I was all relaxed, it happened. The. Gravity. Drop. I reached the bottom but most of my organs were left behind all the way at the top. That was when I decided that I would never sit in one of those rides again. Never again.

A roller coaster is even worse. It is several Gravity Drops merged into one. That is why I don’t go near them. In 2004 I visited Los Angeles but did not venture near Disneyland and its treacherous rollercoasters. Instead I preferred to go to Universal Studios where the rides are theme based and leave your organs intact.

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