A Word A Week Challenge: High

The highest place I have been is on the mountain Jungfraujoch in Switzerland back in March, 2000. It boasts the highest Railway station in Europe at an elevation of 11,332 ft. Since I didn’t own a digital camera at that time I couldn’t get any good pictures so for this challenge I’d like to post some photos I took of the highest tower in the world, Burj Khalifa in Dubai, my adopted city.

And here I am with my husband in its restaurant Atmosphere which at 1,450 ft is also the highest in the world. Incidentally the occasion was our 9th wedding anniversary.

P1010012_1On our 10th since we couldn’t get any higher than this (staying in Dubai) we decided to just celebrate on the ground in front of the beautiful Dubai fountains.

A Word A Week Challenge: High

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