Close Call

I was 8 months pregnant with my son and my husband was living in another town some two hours away by car. He used to commute on the weekends.  I was working full time 9 to 6 but we had a driver who would take me to work and bring me back.

One evening I returned home and when I tried to unlock my door I saw that the lock had been broken and the door was open. I entered my home to see that nothing was out of place. What I didn’t realize immediately was that the intruder might still be in the house hiding somewhere!

I rang up my husband who immediately told me to lock myself in my room and have my pistol ready. In those days I had a pistol which I had learnt how to use. My husband said he would be leaving immediately to come home. We didn’t alert the police because, well, in my country you usually try to avoid getting involved with the police.

When my husband arrived he searched the whole house and thankfully found nobody. Also nothing had been touched. Apparently the intruder had broken the lock but something had scared him before he could enter. What made him run away, we will never know.

Later I realized fully what a close call I had. I don’t know what I would have done had I come face to face with the intruder. I am glad that never happened.

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14 thoughts on “Close Call

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  10. I truly understand how you’re feeling. Once, i’ve been in the same situation. It happened during my studies, to be exact during my summer holidays. I’ve been staying at home nearly the whole summer, but that day I decided to go to town. When I came back, the balcony door was ajar, strangely, nothing was damaged, missing.
    Since my childchood I’ve been tormented by various nightmares, the most popular of them were of me being alone in the house, when someone breaks in and I frantically start looking for a hideout :/
    It saddens me that one can’t feel safe even at home.
    I feel particularly horrified when I’m reading of women assaulted in their own beds at night, because they left an open window in the summer or simply because the raper just broke in.

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