If you had your own personal stealth mode spy drone with unlimited range, how would you use it?

Yes, yes, yes, I really need this! I would not spy on my husband or on my bosses (I’m unemployed), but on my husband’s bosses. And that’s because my husband who works in a chocolate company has been told by his bosses that he will be switching to a new position soon but nobody bothered to inform him of what and where this mystery position will be.

As days and weeks pass by the tension is getting to both of us. How can we plan anything if we don’t know where we’re going to end up in a couple of months?

So coming back to the spy drone, I would adjust the setting so that wherever my husband’s name crops up in his company, I could record and hear the conversation.

“N is an asset of the company. We cannot afford to lose him. We should send him to Timbuktu.”

What? Timbuktu?? Is that even a real place???

“The pet care business is in a crisis. We need to move N there.”

From chocolates to pet care? We don’t even have a pet. I like chocolates though!

“What about our business in Afghanistan? Would N move his family there?”

No he would not! Do not even think about it.

This spy drone business is not getting me what I wanted. I need to hear about Europe and promotions. Maybe it’s not such a good idea after all. Can I switch it with something that hypnotizes people and gets you what you want?

What If Writing Challenge

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