Little towers

What is it about you that makes me want to see you all the time? Even when you look as flat as a pancake? You make me want to be the best I can so I can see you rising up into the sky.

And why are you always blue? Surely some other color would suit you better. Or maybe a rainbow of colors as you reach new heights. I could say I reached red today and that would mean something.

You show me so many countries it makes my face light up. You show me what they saw but never what they thought.

And just as I finish I check you out and stare and stare….

They go up, they go down,

Make you smile, make you frown,

Level or towers at a distance,

Show you your consistence,

Make you wonder, make you irate,

Make you love, make you hate,

They tell you where you stand,

Whether ordinary, whether grand

Views by posts, views by country

XYZ, India or Hungary,

WordPress has them installed

My Stats are they called.

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