Setting good examples

“Mama I want to drink Coke” said my nearly 4 year old son to me yesterday. I was a bit surprised since I don’t remember mentioning to him that that drink his father has out of a can is called Coke.

“What is Coke?” I asked.

“That horrible thing” was his reply. “Then why do you want to have that horrible thing?”

“So I become big.”

The other day he tried a sip of his father’s Coke when he wasn’t looking and immediately crumpled up his face and didn’t try to have it again.

I always drink water with my food but my husband has the bad habit of drinking Coke with his meal. If he keeps seeing his father having Coke he will keep asking for it too.

If we eat healthy food and avoid junk food our children will eat healthier too.

My husband smokes but never in front of our son. I keep telling him to quit because as our son gets older he will eventually spot his father smoking and ask about it. It will be in his mind that if his father smokes it must be OK even if I keep telling him it’s bad.

We need to have healthy habits so our children can learn the same from us.

Generally I don’t swear and I even avoid words like “Stupid” and “Idiot” in front of my son. Once I was driving with my son sitting at the back in his seat when a car started honking at me needlessly. “Idiot! What’s your problem?” I said losing my cool. From that day on my son has not forgotten that word and uses it as often as possible and no lecturing, cajoling or threatening can stop him.

I think not wanting our children to learn anything bad from us, makes parents want to be better people.


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