Trick or Treat

Did you know that my husband works in a chocolate factory? No he’s not Willy Wonka but something close to it. He brings home half a kilo of free chocolates every Thursday.

So when the door bell rings this Halloween I’ll be giving out chocolates, not stationery, or carrots disguised as candy, but delicious chocolaty chocolates.

And here are some for my fellow bloggers!

20131031_165050Apart from some virtual chocolates I could offer my fellow bloggers some sweet poetry (, stunning photography ( and a few laughs (

And now for some silliness:

I was writing a post

About a scary ghost

When suddenly I felt

My knees start to melt

There’s someone there

In my very own lair,

In the middle of the night

This just wasn’t right.

Had he come to haunt

On his nightly jaunt?

What would he do to me?

Was there time to flee?

Then something familiar

I heard a cough so clear

It was just my Mr Right

Returning from his flight

I certainly was pleased

My breathing eased.

So I deleted my post

About the silly ghost

And decided to write

Something to delight

Was it worthwhile?

Did I make you smile?

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