Another me?

What if you could create a clone? Would you do it and if so what would you make your clone do that you don’t want to? What if your clone ends up better at doing things than you are?

If I had a clone I would make her do the groceries for me. Oh, you said clone and not servant. I see, but still come on surely she could help out. I mean I HATE doing the groceries.

First of all you don’t find parking; you have to hang around until somebody leaves. Once you’re inside you have this long jumbled up list that you have to go through. Vegetables and fruit first, stand in queue to have them weighed. Then bakery stuff, then on to the meat section. The meat! I have the chicken cut up, “Skin off, 16 pieces and 4 equal packets”, I tell them. How hard is that, but they always get it wrong. Next is the frozen stuff which is usually out of stock. And then comes the hundreds of cans of diet coke which my husband has added to the list. Then on to everything else, well, you get the picture.

I’m sure my clone would be better than me at getting the groceries; I always seem to go in each aisle twice. But wait! I need to get the stuff for my son’s snack/lunch myself; she wouldn’t know the right things to get. I guess I better do it myself.

How about the driving? I could ask her to chauffeur my son around. Since she’s my clone she would obviously be careful. But that would mean that I wouldn’t be picking up my son from school and I do love hearing his stories on the way back. So, maybe not.

Maybe I could make her go to tiresome parties I get invited to. But what if she doesn’t have my diplomacy and answers back to one of those meddlesome aunties? It will be even more awkward for me the next time I meet them. No, that won’t work out either.

OK I know. I could ask her to watch over my son while my husband and I go out for a late night dinner and movie. That would be fun. But what if she wants to go the next time with my husband? Would my husband even know the difference? No that is NOT fun! That would be so weird.

Actually the whole concept is weird. Having a clone. What would it be like? Hearing what you sound like and seeing your mannerisms. And what would she be to my son? Would my son consider her his mother too? Or his aunt? No, No this is too weird, I don’t like it at all.

After all, who needs a clone anyway?

What if you could clone yourself?

16 thoughts on “Another me?

  1. I would make my clone do the ironing and clean bathrooms, both my most hated tasks. It’s interesting to hear you talk about having fruit and things weighed by a store employee. Our grocery stores are all do it yourself.

  2. I’m smiling as I read through the comments – Salt Lake City and Dubai – via a connection, a keypad and satellite connections. Zip zap! How cool is that?

    Really like the post and your ideas about it. Cloning does sound creepy. But maybe, under the *right* circumstances …… hmmmm ….. 😉

    • Yes it is very cool! I enjoyed writing this post, but in the end cloning isn’t for me. I think they are already doing it for organs to cure diseases, that’s great but having a full clone just for the fun of it wouldn’t be so great.

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  4. Love your take on cloning. Thinking of all the things that could be great and then realizing they might be weird instead. I had a lot of fun reading. Thanks for linking up.

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