Blogging away from home

We’re in a restaurant in the middle of lunch when my son turns to me and says “Mama I want a fairy godmother and a stepmother!”

We all have a good laugh and I tell him that I’ll look into it. I know he’s been reading too many fairy tales. They always have either a stepmother or a fairy godmother.

I then note this down on my phone. I don’t want to forget what he said and I can write about it later in one of my posts. I don’t have my laptop with me so I obviously can’t update my blog. It can probably be done on the phone but I don’t think my phone will support it. Besides I like typing on my laptop sitting in my study.

In the two and a half months I have been blogging, the only time I have posted away from home was from Oman.

We were spending our Eid holiday in Salalah, Oman, a very nice place with beautiful weather. This was very unusual but very welcome as we were in the middle of the hot unbearable summer of the UAE.

My husband had taken his laptop with him so he could play his weird strategy games. Little did he know that I would be stealing his laptop at every given opportunity. We had free internet in the room thanks to my husband’s Hilton loyalty card so it was a real dream.

I had recently discovered the Daily Post’s Photo Challenges and when Friday came I had taken some shots of my son on the beach which aptly fit the topic and I just had to post them. At this time though I had not been introduced to the wonderful world of pingbacks and I was hardly getting any traffic on my site. Plus I only had one follower (yes really!)  so I didn’t have much of an audience.  But I was just happy to be participating in the Challenges.

My husband kept asking me if I was going to win something by participating. He’s not a blogger and he can’t understand the joy of someone appreciating your posts. Besides he just wanted to get his laptop back from me. This is also probably where he discovered that once I had started blogging he could no longer share the computer with me. I needed my own.

Sometime later the laptop crashed and had to be reformatted. My husband bought himself his own laptop and gave his old bruised laptop to me. Happy times for me!

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6 thoughts on “Blogging away from home

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  2. Glad you inherited his laptop. I blog on my laptop and phone. A lot of people have asked me why I don’t earn money from my blog – they don’t get it – I know you do. I’ll be back for more of your posts. Take care

    • I look forward to more feedback from you, thank you!
      I use my phone only to check my notifications but have never written a post on it. I recently found out that WordPress doesn’t allow sponsored posts so I don’t think we could make any money even if we wanted to.

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  4. Funny, I just discovered the pingback/trackback thing last week as I just started doing the prompts….now we know! I found it a little startling at first too! Glad to have connected. I use a note app on my phone to quickly jot down those precious moments I don’t want to forget. Hate to bring my phone places where they aren’t appropriate but I think it works better than a real paper notepad.

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