The two seasons

Having lived in Dubai for the last 3 years I have come to the conclusion that there are only 2 seasons here: very hot and not hot. Having come from Pakistan where you can enjoy the 4 distinct seasons this was something quite difficult to get used to.

The very hot season is too long for my liking and runs from March to October, a good 8 months. Only there is nothing good about this time. The temperatures are over 40 degrees sometimes touching 50 during the day and the nights are not much better. As soon as you open the door a blast of hot air hits you in the face and you scurry back into the air-conditioned house. Most of the inhabitants occupy malls as a pastime as there is plenty of entertainment for the whole family. The summer holidays for the kids are spent in various summer camps all run indoors. The expat ladies can be seen in the shortest of shorts and the smallest of tops frequenting the malls even though every mall has a big sign on its doors: “Wear respectful clothing”.

In the not hot season which runs from November to February the weather is just beautiful. Whereas most of the rest of the world is freezing and shoveling snow to be able to get anywhere, we are enjoying barbeques and outdoor sports. Families can be seen cycling, jogging and picnicking in the various parks around the city. This is the time everyone looks forwards to.

What is really funny is that come October the clothes shops start stocking up on winter wear. Sweaters, coats and scarves. This must be for use in other countries because here all you need to do when the season changes, is to turn off your ACs and you’re fine without any additional clothing.

The weather has already begun to change and the mornings and evenings are quite pleasant now. My son’s birthday falls in November and I always have a party at home. The children have a blast playing in the backyard and I’m happy that they’re not inside my house. Also next week we will be celebrating our tenth wedding anniversary and since the weather is already getting better we will have a family dinner by the Dubai dancing fountains. Really looking forward to that!

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