All’s well that ends well

“We have to get back on time” said my husband to me for the third time.

We were on our way back from a trip to Oman in the Eid holidays. We could only stay for 4 nights since my husband had to fly to the UK for an important business trip the day after. He was very nervous about catching the connecting flight from Muscat to Dubai as we had merely an hour in between. We were also not sure if we would be checked through or not.

When we checked in for our flight, they checked us through. So that was one worry out of the way. But the flight was 15 minutes late.

“We have to catch the next flight” said my husband yet again. Now when my husband is worried, there really is something to be worried about. I tried to calm him down but he kept reminding me how important his business trip was.

When we arrived at Muscat there were long queues at the check in counter and we only had half an hour till the next flight. I explained to one of the staff that if we stood in queue we would miss the flight. She directed me to a shorter queue and also told me that our flight had been delayed by half an hour. We finally made it and reached home at night.

There was more drama awaiting us. When we arrived at home there was no water and the air-conditioning wasn’t working. Our house was like a furnace and we couldn’t even wash up. My husband was frantic. “How will I shower and get ready for my trip? I told you to come a day earlier” he said with sweat dripping down his face.

We called the maintenance people and they came straight away. They checked the air-conditioning. There was no problem; it was just taking longer to cool since it had not been used the last 5 days. They fixed the motor temporarily and we had water.

When I saw that my husband had stopped pacing up and down and was relaxing in front of his computer, that’s when I knew that everything was going to be alright.

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6 thoughts on “All’s well that ends well

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  4. some really tight moments ……at the end everything falls in line. Lucky for you and your husband, I once missed my connecting flight pay up extra, reached late for my anniversary

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