What if you scared me?

Some years back my husband was posted in the Frontier province of Pakistan. The colony where he was working was in an area known to be haunted. It had been built in a place which had once been fields where the farmers buried their dead.

And so it happened that I did not move with him there. Not just because the place was haunted but because at that time I had a very good job which I didn’t want to give up. My husband lived there for two years till he decided that he had had enough and got a job in Dubai.

He told me about several instances where he would lock a door of an unused room and find it open the next morning, women talking in his backyard in the middle of the night and unexplained noises. There were scarier moments but I’m glad he didn’t share these with me.

One day some friends were having a meal at a colleague’s place in the same colony. This colleague was a bachelor and his friends were making fun of him because it was well known that a “girl” ghost haunted his house. While they were all laughing at him a big vase on the table in the room moved of its own accord and crashed to the floor. Nobody made fun of him again.

Just goes to show that ghosts have feelings too.

Writing Challenge: What if you scared me?

4 thoughts on “What if you scared me?

  1. One should never disqualify the spirit world.

    For those who would scoff at the “validity” of it – I would suggest that they are not sensitive enough to the energy. Spirits are very powerful.

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