The Beauty in this world



My most prized possession is a clay vase hand painted by my mother. She made this miniature painting of a woman with a sitar from a book of poems by Omar Khayyam. She painted it even before she got married in 1954. Being an army wife she took it with her in all her postings all over Pakistan. I am her youngest child and was born when she was 40 years old. When I got married and moved into my own home a few years later she gave it to me. Since then it has been displayed proudly in my home in Pakistan and now in Dubai.

This vase reminds me of the immense talents that my mother possessed as a young woman. Now her eyesight and age doesn’t allow her to do such fine work. She is staying with me these days and I tried to convince her to paint again. I remember her painting when I was a child but she stopped when her eyesight deteriorated. I think she also lost motivation when my father passed away.

The capabilities of us humans continue to amaze me. We can make such beautiful creations yet there are others in the world who only know how to destroy.  We all look the same yet are so different.

This vase will always remind me of my mother and the beauty in this world. For me it is priceless.

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