How important are clothes to you? Describe your style, if you have one, and tell us how appearance impacts how you feel about yourself.

When I was little, my elder sister used to dress me up like a bride and I was very happy to go along with it. I used to pose and have my pictures taken.


I’m like a chameleon as far as clothing is concerned. I adapt to my environment.

When I’m with my husband and this is only on the weekends as he works during the week in another country, I make an effort to dress up a bit wearing a nice top and trousers/jeans. When I’m on my own and shopping for groceries I’ll be covered up with a coat and a head scarf.

On occasions where I get together with other families from my home country I usually wear the traditional kameez (long shirt) and chooridar (tights) or whatever is in fashion as long as it’s comfortable. If I’m with others I’ll just be wearing a longish top and jeans.

If I’m travelling abroad I’d be wearing a comfortable top and jeans, but if I go to my home country I’d be wearing the shalwar kameez with a covering on my head.

I like wearing bright and colorful clothes and accessories. I don’t wear much make-up and I don’t like to either. On grocery runs or school pick/drops I won’t even be wearing any lipstick.

When I’m dressed up I feel more confident of myself. I like it when someone notices that I’ve made an effort. Usually that’s my little son telling me that “Mama looks pretty!” (My husband should learn lessons from him!)

However I don’t believe in spending too much on clothes. Living in Dubai where all the designer labels are available the sky is the limit as far as cost goes. And one can easily get carried away, but I think it’s really not worth it. You can look equally good as long as what you’re wearing flatters you and you are comfortable in it.

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9 thoughts on “Chameleon

  1. Wow, you live in Dubai! I’ve seen beautiful photos and incredible there. =). It is very nice to receive a compliment when people wear something different. One day I was praised by two old men when I was walking on the street. And it was one of the best compliments I ever received in my life :). I loved your style.

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