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Book Reading

I have a book reading coming up at the end of the month for kids aged 3-6 yrs. I’ve prepared some props and giveaways to go with my books “Nadir and the snake” and “Nadir and Incy Wincy Spider”. Here’s what I’ve done so far:

I hope the kids enjoy the reading as much as I’m enjoying preparing for it!

Applying for a visa

What’s the most dreadful (or wonderful) experience you’ve ever had as a customer?

Many years ago I applied for a US visa from my home country. My brother was working as a doctor in the US and I wanted to visit him. Now since you are paying for the visa you are a customer and it’s only fair to expect some good service in return.

I first had to queue outside the embassy. I remember the place where I was standing had no shade and it was in the hot months of summer. There was an old gentleman who had turned up wearing a suit in his zeal to impress. After standing for about an hour he collapsed and was helped by others also standing in the queue. Nobody from inside the embassy came to help.

When I finally got inside, there was another queue to deal with. When I reached the counter I remember the man interrogating me like a suspect. He asked me about my work, (I was working for a telecom company at that time) and would stare at me for a few seconds after I answered as if to judge whether I was telling the truth or not.

I got a 5 year multiple visit visa. I never went to visit my brother but I did visit the US years later with my husband.

The best experience I had with visa applications was recently when I applied for a Turkish visa from my country of residence. We waited in a room for around 10 minutes before being called to the counter by a friendly visa officer who checked our papers and then offered to give me a 2 year visa instead of the 1 year I had applied for.

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Getting to school

“I’ll put you in jail and lock you up” announced the little boy with the Dusty backpack.

“Then who will run the nursery?” answered the Principal with a wry smile on her face.

The little boy’s embarrassed mother hovered behind him. “Oh he’s just being a policeman today..” she said weakly to the Principal.

That’s my son as he entered the nursery today. Every day getting him inside is a monumental task. Today he went of his own accord but apparently it was to make this announcement. He’s not even scared of his Principal. Everyone is scared of her, even me.

My mother has promised to give him a prize at the end of the week if he goes every day without making a fuss. She’s bought a few small windup toys to give him, a little footballer that walks, a little penguin, an airplane with a pilot in it and a crab inside a shell. But even giving him a little incentive is not working.

Yesterday it took me 20 minutes to get him inside. 10 minutes he was squatting near the car and refusing to budge and another 10 minutes outside the nursery door. Finally I had to ask the assistant to come and get him.

I talked to his teacher about it. She told me that as soon as he enters the class he forgets that he didn’t want to come. He works well the whole day and interacts with everyone. All this fuss is just for me.

It starts when he finishes his breakfast. “Ok now get ready for school”, I tell him as I pack his bag. “I don’t want to go to school. I want to play with my toys.”

He’s too big now for me to physically bundle him into the car and into the school. I have to convince him somehow. And he doesn’t tell me why he doesn’t want to go. “You’re alone at home and there are no other girls or boys to play with”, I try to tell him, but all my arguments fall on deaf ears.

My husband works in another country during the week so it’s all up to me to get him to school every day. Yesterday I was so stressed out I ended up in tears. I’ve tried everything and I don’t know what to do now.

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Guess who I am!

“Oh no, here she comes again!” I thought to myself as I heard her coming up the steps.”Must have had some sort of inspiration”.

Sure enough she was soon tapping on my keys and reading my screen as her thoughts transformed into words. It was interesting to read what she had to say but sometimes a fellow just needs a snooze. And why can’t she close the Adobe Photoshop application. It really is a load on my brain. All that processing!

When she finished typing she pressed a few buttons here and there and then waited. Just sitting there and staring. What now? Put the screen down and let me snooze. Please! But no, she’s waiting for comments and likes to pop up. She likes that doesn’t she?

Today was the limit. She put up my screen and googled for origami instructions and started making spiders. Apparently she’s having some sort of book reading for kids and she’s preparing for it. I know because I helped her to design some flyers and print them. She was up till late last night making some bookmarks too.

She keeps moving me here and there. I don’t like that. It’s not good for me in my old age. I like my place by the window in the study. But sometimes she takes me to the dining table and sometimes to her bedroom.

And her terror tot! I’m terrified of him. Tries to take out my keys, the ‘N’ key is hanging precariously as a result. And wants to turn me off whenever he can without shutting down my applications. What a breach of protocol! I think he doesn’t like his Mama working on me. Keeps saying “Mama are you doing computer?” I mean what kind of grammar is that?

Aah, now she’s gone again. Great I’m off to nap.

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A Day in Paris

What if you let your dark side take over?

An unfortunate event has allowed the Devil to own your soul. He has decided to give you a chance to get it back but to win it you must bring a smile to the Devil’s face with your actions. He allows you to have one full day in which you can do anything your heart desires without fear of consequences, retaliation, retribution or prosecution.

The alarm rang at 7:15 am at the usual time. But something was different about today. As I opened my eyes I noticed that my son had not wriggled his way into my bed in the middle of the night. I felt incredibly rested.  I made my way to the toilet and almost tripped over an open suitcase lying in the way. It had my best tops and my Dior shoes neatly packed in it. “That’s odd” I thought to myself as I didn’t remember packing anything.

Something on the table caught my eye; my camera lying on the table and underneath it my passport and a return ticket to Paris. “Paris!” My heart skipped a beat or two. I pinched myself. “Ouch that hurt!”

I heard water running in the toilet and saw my son standing on his stool and brushing his teeth.

“You don’t have to go to school today.” My own words surprised me. I looked in the mirror. Same old me.

When we came downstairs I saw the maid reading a list of instructions for the day. Today she was going to look after my son and I was going to Paris.

On the airport somebody escorted me through immigration and within minutes I was in the plane. In the first class suite on the new A380. Now I was really beginning to think I had sold my soul to the devil.

At Charles de Gaulle I was met with a handsome young Parisian who was to be my tour guide for the day. He showed me around the city like I had never seen before. At night we had dinner near the Eiffel tower and I wore my Dior shoes and my best top and felt like a queen.

I took the last flight home. When I reached home my son was still awake. He was waiting for me. “I missed you Mama!”

“You’re my real hero! I said as I put him to sleep.


I need ’em all

If you were forced to give up one sense, but gain super-sensitivity in another, which senses would you choose?

Last year my son was studying about the five senses. “The eyes are for seeing, the hands are for touching, the nose is for smelling, the ears are for hearing..”

“And what is the tongue for?” I asked. “For sticking out!” is the cheeky reply I got.

He doesn’t know yet what a blessing the five senses are even though every minute he is using them all to soak in his atmosphere.

Without my eyes I would not have seen the beautiful sights around the world from the Eiffel tower swathed in a golden light, the architecture of Rome, the blue waters of the Mediterranean, the awe-inspiring Pyramids of Giza to heavenly Switzerland.

Without my hands I would not be able to paint or craft or know the pleasure of creating something with my own hands.

Without my nose, well without my nose I would just look funny wouldn’t I? And not know what flowers smelt like. I wouldn’t even know when to change pampers when my son was little!

Without my tongue I would not know the sweetness of honey, and the sourness of lemons or to differentiate between a hot chapatti and ice cream!

Without my ears I would not have heard the rich laughter of my child, the sweetest sound in the world.

God in his Graciousness gives us these blessings without us asking for them. I could not choose to give up any of them.

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Being a Teacher

Grab the nearest book. Open it and go to the tenth word. Do a Google Image Search of the word. Write about what the image brings to mind.

As I put my son to sleep the book nearest to me was “Stories for 3 year olds”. I happened to open the book on the story about Nigel the pet crocodile who visits the dentist because he has a cherry stone stuck in his tooth. “Sit” says the dentist to Nigel and that was the 10th word on the page.

A search of “sit” on Google Image Search didn’t really turn up anything interesting, but it did remind me of this photo of my son. He’s sitting on his favorite Disney Cars chair and imitating his teacher Ms Faiza.

ms faiza

“Circle time boys and girls!” he calls. “On the red line, legs crossed!”

And he opens his book “The Smartest Giant in Town” and starts to “read” aloud from memory.

“George was the scruffiest giant in town. He wore the same brown sandals and the same patched-up gown…”

My son goes to a Montessori and I love the way they provide a stimulating environment for the children. This helps them to develop within themselves the habits, attitudes, skills and ideas essential for a lifetime of creative thinking and learning. They teach them respect and courtesy, discipline and most importantly how to be independent.

I observed my son on their orientation last week when school reopened after the summer holidays. He would take out one tray, play with the materials in it, then tidy up and put it back before taking out another tray.

Another time when I accompanied my son on his school trip to the aquarium I watched incredulously as Ms Faiza blew her whistle and the children put away their coloring pencils and papers, tucked their chairs in and fell into line.

I have seen my son in the last academic year, grow from a quiet boy who lacked self confidence into someone who has an opinion and a question for everything and who loves interacting with other children and adults alike. By the end of the last term he was meeting and exceeding expectations. A major factor for this progress shown was the dedication of his teacher who believed he could live up to his potential.

Teachers are amazing and this post is dedicated to them.

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