You receive some wonderful, improbable, hoped-for good news. How do you celebrate?

My husband has just received an offer letter for the dream job he was hoping for. What do we do? Well, we are beyond the jumping for joy or screaming in delight stage. The last time I remember doing that was around 20 years ago when Pakistan won the Cricket world Cup against England. (Am I really that old??)

What I usually do is to call up family and tell them the good news and then maybe go out for a nice dinner with them. That’s all.

So what happens with age that we change the way we celebrate good news. Have I matured over the years or just lost some enthusiasm for life? I can safely say that the amount of happiness I feel at hearing good news has not diminished. Then why is the reaction different?

20 years ago I didn’t have any responsibilities other than doing well in my studies. I remember that golden time in Pakistan’s cricket era was the same year I took my O’Levels. The only stressful happenings in life were contemplating how many ‘A’s I would get. Now when there is good news there are so many other things to think about. A new job means a move to a new country and its associated challenges. One cannot celebrate with the abandon of a teenager.

Having said that maybe I just need my home country to win another World Cup and I’ll be jumping up and down in delight!

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