Getting to school

“I’ll put you in jail and lock you up” announced the little boy with the Dusty backpack.

“Then who will run the nursery?” answered the Principal with a wry smile on her face.

The little boy’s embarrassed mother hovered behind him. “Oh he’s just being a policeman today..” she said weakly to the Principal.

That’s my son as he entered the nursery today. Every day getting him inside is a monumental task. Today he went of his own accord but apparently it was to make this announcement. He’s not even scared of his Principal. Everyone is scared of her, even me.

My mother has promised to give him a prize at the end of the week if he goes every day without making a fuss. She’s bought a few small windup toys to give him, a little footballer that walks, a little penguin, an airplane with a pilot in it and a crab inside a shell. But even giving him a little incentive is not working.

Yesterday it took me 20 minutes to get him inside. 10 minutes he was squatting near the car and refusing to budge and another 10 minutes outside the nursery door. Finally I had to ask the assistant to come and get him.

I talked to his teacher about it. She told me that as soon as he enters the class he forgets that he didn’t want to come. He works well the whole day and interacts with everyone. All this fuss is just for me.

It starts when he finishes his breakfast. “Ok now get ready for school”, I tell him as I pack his bag. “I don’t want to go to school. I want to play with my toys.”

He’s too big now for me to physically bundle him into the car and into the school. I have to convince him somehow. And he doesn’t tell me why he doesn’t want to go. “You’re alone at home and there are no other girls or boys to play with”, I try to tell him, but all my arguments fall on deaf ears.

My husband works in another country during the week so it’s all up to me to get him to school every day. Yesterday I was so stressed out I ended up in tears. I’ve tried everything and I don’t know what to do now.

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13 thoughts on “Getting to school

  1. I am reminded of my girl and my heart goes out to you. She would hold on to my legs for dear life and cry as though her heart was breaking. And her teacher said the same thing… walk away, don’t look back. Tough. Though true. She would play as soon as she knew I was gone. And I have seen this so many times… at an airport once, where the young boy was going to boarding school, and was crying like his heart was breaking and the moment he was on the plane, he was flirting with the stewardess!
    It is a battle of will and the child usually wins!

    • Thank you for your kind comment. Yes it’s tough and sometimes I really don’t know what to do. I hate to think how long this is going to last, But hopefully one day he’ll be going happily to school and I’ll forget this difficult time.

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  3. I do not have children myself, but have enough experience with them to empathize with you. I also have multiple dogs that somehow seem to act exactly like your toddler! I think dealing with a difficult situation of any kind is much worse on your own. I do not have good advice to offer, but I wanted you to know that some of us non parents do not judge at all and totally get how hard and trying children can be. I bet the follow parents, teachers, and the principal of your child’s school do as well. I hope this phase passes quickly for you!

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  5. Today I made a flower for him to take to the Principal and apologize for being nasty yesterday. He went in nicely and gave it to her but didn’t say anything. She was very happy!

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