Guess who I am!

“Oh no, here she comes again!” I thought to myself as I heard her coming up the steps.”Must have had some sort of inspiration”.

Sure enough she was soon tapping on my keys and reading my screen as her thoughts transformed into words. It was interesting to read what she had to say but sometimes a fellow just needs a snooze. And why can’t she close the Adobe Photoshop application. It really is a load on my brain. All that processing!

When she finished typing she pressed a few buttons here and there and then waited. Just sitting there and staring. What now? Put the screen down and let me snooze. Please! But no, she’s waiting for comments and likes to pop up. She likes that doesn’t she?

Today was the limit. She put up my screen and googled for origami instructions and started making spiders. Apparently she’s having some sort of book reading for kids and she’s preparing for it. I know because I helped her to design some flyers and print them. She was up till late last night making some bookmarks too.

She keeps moving me here and there. I don’t like that. It’s not good for me in my old age. I like my place by the window in the study. But sometimes she takes me to the dining table and sometimes to her bedroom.

And her terror tot! I’m terrified of him. Tries to take out my keys, the ‘N’ key is hanging precariously as a result. And wants to turn me off whenever he can without shutting down my applications. What a breach of protocol! I think he doesn’t like his Mama working on me. Keeps saying “Mama are you doing computer?” I mean what kind of grammar is that?

Aah, now she’s gone again. Great I’m off to nap.

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