A Meaningful Conversation

Conversation between me and a typical Dubai Aunty (socialite) on a coffee morning:

Aunty:  So how are you? Aren’t you glad the schools have opened? Sooo difficult to entertain the children. I had them bundled off to summer camp. Sooo convenient!

Me: But don’t you think the children also deserve a break and it’s good to spend that time with family?

Aunty: Yes, yes I did all that bonding shonding in Switzerland. We were there for a month. Sooo beautiful and the weather was just heavenly. I didn’t want to come back. But you know it gets so expensive with the maid and all..

Me: So your maid went with you?

Aunty: Of course darrrling! Who will look after the kids otherwise?

Me: Uhh right…

Aunty: Yes it was magical. And then we had our anniversary there as well. And Ahmed got me the most gorrrgeous gift (flashing the biggest diamond solitaire in my face)

Me: I see well…umm.. congratulations (feeling a bit sick)

Aunty: But then you know when we came back we had suchhh a difficult time. The maid got sick, and we didn’t know what to do. Sooo difficult.

Me: Uh huh..

Aunty: But now the children are at school and I can meet with all of you darrrlings..

Me: (feeling sicker and wondering what on earth I’m doing there)

Aunty: So tell me what is the latest..

Me: (thinking finally the conversation is going to take a different turn..)

Aunty: …I’ve heard there’s a sale to die for in Harvey Nichols. I’ve seen the most gorrrgeous Gucci bag and I’ve been dropping hints to Ahmed. You see my birthday is coming up.

Me: (aaaah!!) Um.. I don’t know, I’ve been busy preparing for my book reading…

Aunty: Oh so sweet!! What’s that? (looking bewildered)

Me: I’ve written these books for children and..

Aunty: Oh my children don’t like to read books. Ahmed has bought them an iPad each and they are sooo good at playing games on them. Even I don’t know how to do it.

Me: Yeah.. great.. well I have to go now..  (leaves with a throbbing headache)

This post has been written in response to the Daily Prompt: Snark Bombs Away!

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14 thoughts on “A Meaningful Conversation

    • Thank you so much! I love your writing!
      It’s fashionable to spend the summer in Europe, Switzerland being a favorite spot. But really it’s a beautiful place, I spent a weekend there with a Swiss family many years ago and saw the spring festival in Lucerne and took a train ride to Jungfraujoch.

  1. Pingback: Daily Prompt: Snark Bombs, Away! | Chronicles of an Anglo Swiss

      • Zainab,
        I lived and taught high school in Al Ruwais, Abu Dhabi for only 5 months. It is an experience I will not soon forget. Although I had signed a two year contract, I was forced to leave the country under less than favorable conditions.
        I lived approximately 100 miles from the Saudia Arabian border and I was steeped in a culture that was nothing like modern Dubai or even Abu Dhabi. There was nothing, even remotely modern about my 5 month stay (I even wore an abaya to school). In the short time I lived in Al Ruwais, I managed to shake hands with a man, laugh out loud in the company of men, and fall in love with my Arabic tutor. Only too late, I found out that although not against the law, certainly against traditions, and those are even harder to fight against.
        Should you be interested, I have written several posts detailing my stay, especially in regard to the girls I taught and the women I worked with. I assure you that you will not believe I lived in the same country as you. I look forward to reading more of your posts as my heart does skip a beat whenever I hear tell of the Middle East.
        As an aside, Zainab was the name of one of my dearest students. Thank you for allowing me to ramble! ~Victoria

      • Hi Victoria, That’s very interesting, would love to read your posts about your stay in the UAE. It’s too bad it was cut short. I think Dubai is a nice place for families as there are loads of activities for the kids. Regards, Zainab

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