Thank you

I wanted to have a baby soon after I got married. But I had two miscarriages and the doctors told me I had just been unlucky and there wasn’t much they could do to help me conceive again. Six years after my marriage, without any treatment, I was blessed with a healthy baby boy.

I can’t thank God enough for giving me the joys of motherhood. His first crooked little smile, the first time he called me Mama, his first tooth, his first tottering steps towards me, his first day of Nursery when he didn’t want to come home, his nursery report which included words like extraordinary, his tight hugs and wet kisses.

Of course it’s not all clean sailing; he can be quite a terror tot when he wants to, but in the end when he thanks me for wiping his tears, all is forgiven.

And when I’m scolding him for something he puts his hands on his hips and says “I’m so disappointed AT you”. I try to hold back my laughter and remember why I was scolding him in the first place!

Just recently we were going to the mall and he was unusually quiet in the car. I asked him why and he replied “Stay quiet, otherwise Abbu (Dad) can’t drive!” I don’t know whether he was being funny or considerate but this only lasted about 5 minutes and he was back doing his usual running commentary.

Some time back I was sick and had to be hospitalized for 5 days. I didn’t see him during that time and I don’t think I have ever missed anyone so much. I felt incomplete.

Thank you God for giving me Nadir.

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