9/8/2013 Writing challenge. What if a dragon attacks?

What if your hometown is attacked by a monstrous, flying, fire-breathing dragon?

Everyone is screaming and running for their lives. An emergency has been declared in the city. Plans to combat the monstrous creature are being formulated.

But wait, is it really monstrous, or has it just been misunderstood? How lonely it would be to be the only one of your kind. And what has it really done to make it monstrous? It flies because it has wings and breathes fire because it can. All it needs is a good talking to. “Stop scaring these good people otherwise some trigger happy person is going to try to hurt you”. And then you know what? I’ll just bring the poor homeless, misunderstood creature to live in my backyard. My son would love it. He could take rides on him; he’s always telling me he wants to fly. We’ll just need a seat with a seat belt. And the fire, well, will just have to be controlled. But it will come in handy with the upcoming BBQ season.

A dragon is just a giant serpent. And my son is great with snakes. They had Animal day in his school and when I came to pick him up the Principal told me he had been roaming around with a python around his shoulders. Which adult would do that? He’s not going to be scared by the dragon. Just a bit overawed perhaps. But I think they would make good friends. Much more exciting than the fish I got him. And if I ask him what he would name him I have a feeling he would say “FIREFLY!”


14 thoughts on “FireFly

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  2. Lovely little story … I bet your son would love it … a pet dragon … too cool.

    And I have to say …. your son is very brave … because when the photo loaded I went “Eek” …. I loathe and fear snakes …. to the Nth degree. So much so that I won’t visit my brother and his family at their home because they have a pet …. hmmmm … python or boa constrictor. Can’t remember which but it matters not. Just … “Ack” in my mind and literally tons of screaming, shouting and wildly jumping about even when I see a tiny grass snake. *shuddering*

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