Excitement of making a new home

My husband had been posted in the volatile Frontier province and he traveled armed and with a bodyguard ready to thwart any kidnapping or robbery attempts.  I was living and working in the capital city and I would see him on the weekends and when he traveled back it was not until he messaged me of his safe arrival that I could relax again.

One year passed, then two, and when we had our first baby, a son, my husband decided he had had enough. He began to apply for jobs abroad especially in the Gulf region. He was called for a couple of interviews in Dubai and we began to hope. Finally an offer came, but to our disappointment it was not good enough. Then another and this time the offer was far better than our expectations. We were ecstatic.

We were to move to another country after living 30 odd years in the country of our birth. A new life, a better life awaited. We were moving away from all the insecurities. And best of all we would be together. I remember I couldn’t sleep the first night with anticipation. My mind was too full of what was to be done and how great everything would be. I had already quit my job a few months after the birth of my son and now I had a new project “Move to and Settle in Dubai” to initiate, plan, execute, monitor and close.

We arrived in Dubai three summers ago. It took us a few months to settle in. I remember the excitement and rush I felt when I first saw our home. And the big backyard that came with it. The prospects of little Nadir soon running around in it. Decorating his nursery. Decorating the house with all the things I had collected on our travels that had previously been stuffed in cupboards because of lack of space. Making this house our home.

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