Reading for a cause

A while back when I had some time on my hands and was looking for something meaningful to do I came across an article in a magazine about a lady with a Candy cart who visits children afflicted with cancer. She brings the Candy cart laden with toys, games and candy every week to these children who in turn have something to look forward to.

I contacted this lady through the magazine who very graciously allowed me to go with her on her next visit. For this, my only preparation was several bags of chocolates for the cart. I was under-prepared.

candy cart

The Candy cart

It was a heart-breaking experience.

I saw children as young as under a year admitted to the hospital being treated for cancer. Their mothers and other relatives were sitting beside them, some with a glimmer of hope on their faces and some without. A few of the children were happy to have a chat with us and others did not even respond to the shiny new toys and candy presented to them.

On our way back the lady asked me if I was alright and if I was willing to continue coming with her. I told her I was. I have seen my father suffer from and lose his life to this sickness. However being a mother and seeing another child suffer is a whole new dimension, not for the fainthearted. When my child gets a trivial cough or a fever it can make me so upset, I cannot even imagine what the mothers of these children have to go through.

As the lady was part of a local organization that works for the welfare of cancer patients, the hospital wanted the other volunteers also to register with that organization before they could visit again. I applied to them but did not hear from them for several months. Finally I got an email from them for some meeting they were having and that was when I discovered that they had accepted my application and I was a member. However they did not “assign” me any work and I also lost contact with the lady with the Candy cart as she was not replying to my messages.

I am planning to contact the lady again (somehow) and this time I will go with the children’s books I have written and read to them complete with finger puppets and props. I think they will like that. I have copies I can distribute to the right age group. But I can’t just go once, it has to be a regular feature and I have to think about what frequency I can manage. The children would expect me to come again. And I don’t want to give them any more disappointments than what life has already dealt them.


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11 thoughts on “Reading for a cause

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  4. This is a powerful story – heart wrenching. I am sure your efforts and sincerity will be appreciated, even if it is difficult for you. I understand. Many years ago I was a volunteer at one of the local hospitals and although some days were unbearably difficult (a death on my ward) … most moments were extremely rewarding … just not in a materialistic way. The benefits we receive when reaching out to others, especially children, can repay us a thousand fold.

    • Thank you so much for your comment. I think doctors and nurses and volunteers working at hospitals are incredibly brave and praise worthy. I hope I am able to contribute a little something in easing those children’s pain.

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