Boys will be boys

I feel that boys growing up with a sister tend to become a little more civilized or having some etiquette. Otherwise they end up like my husband, one of three brothers.  My son being an only child probably is headed the same way.

Everyone knows that it’s impolite to be digging in your nose in public let alone talking about the fruits of your labor. Well my son even knows it’s called “Kugmu” in Tagalog (the language spoken in Philippines) thanks to his nanny. The stuff sticking to your eyes when you wake up is “Moota”. Food left stuck in your teeth is “Kiki”, wax in the ears is “Atooli (I don’t know the spelling of these foul words but that’s how they’re pronounced.) He relishes using this newly learnt vocabulary especially to see the disapproving look on my face and the amused look on his father’s face.

And you can guess what he means when he announces “I’m doing motorcycle!” just before going to the toilet. From the toilet he makes regular updates about the situation at hand.  And when I complain about him my husband gleefully replies, “Boys will be boys!”


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