A Surprising Act

When was the last time your child surprised you? An act of bravery or kindness perhaps?

Please comment on this post with your memoirs.

It was like any other day. I went to pick up my son from his nursery. When she saw me, the principal came up to me. “You know Nadir had a snake around his shoulders today?” she said.

“What??” I almost fainted. “A real snake??” I knew that an animal shelter was bringing some animals to his school that day, but I had pictured him with some cute furry animals, not a snake! “Don’t worry it was not dangerous” she said seeing the look of alarm on my face. “It was just a baby python and they’re not poisonous.” “A python! And not dangerous?” I pictured a huge big python slithering around my poor defenseless little boy’s neck.

The teacher brought my son to me who was looking like the cat who got the cream.  “Nadir was very brave today!” she said. “Yes,” I said, managing only a weak smile. Apparently the man from the animal shelter had brought a snake as well and was letting all the children touch it. He then asked if someone wanted it around their shoulders and Nadir volunteered.

As we walked to the car Nadir asked me, “Mama can I bring the snake home?” Horrified that my son now wanted to keep a snake as a pet I quickly told him that we’ll get him another pet. And soon. A snake in my house! As a PET?? Just the idea was giving me shivers down my neck.

Later the principal sent me some pictures. I don’t know much about snakes, but this baby was a big one!


It’s amazing how kids are just not afraid of anything. They are taught to be careful and start to become afraid as they grow up. We as adults have all sorts of fears. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to be like children without a fear in the world?

This post has been written in response to Weekly Writing Challenge: Leave ‘Em Wanting More

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