Key to Success

My father taught me that the key to success is honesty, accepting your responsibilities and sheer hard work. I try to instill the same qualities in my son by giving him small chores like helping with the groceries, watering the plants or cleaning up his mess himself. When his dad is not around I tell him to be the man of the house and if I have to call the repairmen for something, to supervise them. He feels very important when I tell him that and he follows the repairmen around telling them what needs fixing!

Honesty, I feel is a quality children already possess. (In fact they have to be taught discretion like not to point to a person and ask “Is that a bald man?”, “Is that a fat man?”)

As for my blog, I would consider it successful if I can stir up some emotions by my posts . And getting likes and follows doesn’t hurt either!

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11 thoughts on “Key to Success

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  5. “As for my blog, I would consider it successful if I can stir up some emotions by my posts”

    It all depends on the type of emotion you’re looking to stir up. Some people like to stir up negative emotion, being sarcastic and obnoxious to draw out those who love to debate or disagree (obviously this isn’t you, lol). Others like to stir up positive emotion by writing about kindness, love, etc., all those things that bring us warm fuzzies (seems like a better fit). Still others write about the hard stuff – abuse, oppression, hurt, fear, anger… these stir up primal emotion (anyone can write about this, if the subject is something they feel passionate about)… write about what stirs YOU, and others will be stirred as well. (Just remember that it happens more as your blog grows because you reach more people)

    Krafted Khaos’ Patented Fortune Cookie Wisdom: To inspire emotion in others, one must first feel it stir inside themselves.

    • Thank you for your thought provoking comment.

      Yes I want to stir up positive emotion with humor and love, but also some of my posts will leave you feeling a bit sad like “Alone in the playground” or “Remembering Nana”

      I always try to recall my memories of the time I am writing and then put my feelings into words. This for two reasons, one because I would like to preserve those memories and secondly to stir up the same emotion that I felt. (The First Time I Saw You

      I know I have a long long way to go, but I try the best I can. Being a Masters in Electronics (yawn), I have no formal training in Literature, Creative writing, Photography or Art, yet I am trying my hand in all of these (Check out my Art & Craft page). I do it because I love creating something that I and others can enjoy.

      • I don’t know if it’s available in bookstores anymore, but a book that was really helpful to me about writing is by Stephen King. It’s part ‘How to’ and part Autobiographical… I’ve read it several times.

        I like creating things that other people enjoy as well… 🙂 so I understand the feeling!

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