What Nadir said (Part 2)

My 3 yr old son is the most talkative little person I know. He talks when he’s in the toilet, he talks when he’s asleep, even when he doesn’t want to talk, he’ll be talking: “I’m not answering!”, “I don’t want to say anything!”

Nadir has a habit of stating the obvious which can get quite awkward at times, “Is that a bald man?”, “Is that a fat man?” and we’re hoping that the man in question hasn’t heard or will just ignore us. At other times we are just greeted with smiles and nods as he says: “That baby is cute! How old is he?” On boarding an airplane recently he remarked, “Is that the air-hostess? Is she wearing lipstick?” I think the air-hostess looked a little embarrassed. When asked what he did on his vacation, he answered “I went to sleep at night and got up in the morning”. Of course he forgot to mention swimming in the pool, building castles on the beach, playing in the kid’s club… oh well!

2012-12-14 10.48.24He loves making up stories. He’ll take a catalog or a magazine and looking at the pictures he’ll make up a story complete with different characters and a plot. When he’s finished he’ll announce “That’s the end of the story!”

If I’m talking on the phone he’ll want to talk too. He’ll greet whoever comes to our house and tell them about his new toys.

He’s a free spirited person and hates taking a cue so if I ask him to recite a nursery rhyme or sing a song in front of someone he’ll never oblige.

The only time he’s quiet is when someone is reading to him. He’ll listen with full concentration soaking in the story and the pictures. Then after he’s heard the story a couple of times he’ll “read” the book himself by memory.

Needless to say, I have lots of videos of him. He loves to watch these especially the ones where he’s talking. “I want to see my video” he says and then laughs at his own antics.

He really is the life and soul of the household and when he’s gone to play with the neighbor’s kids there’s a deafening silence in the house.

For “What Nadir said” take a look here


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