Daily Prompt: Activity

Being a full time mom of an energetic 3 yr old who is currently on his summer holidays, I am usually keeping him entertained and busy. But to keep the balance I need to make something with my own hands (other than Lego!). Here is what I recently completed:

20130718_161040It’s the 99 attributes of Allah hand embroidered in Arabic on a felt collage. Each piece of the collage is a 2.5 cm square. It took me a month to make and was difficult to do because each piece was so small and also because I don’t speak Arabic and had to rely on the translation to understand what I was doing. In the end it was really worth it. My favorite is Al-Rahman, The Gracious, One Who shows mercy gratuitously and extensively to all creation without regard to effort or work.

14 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Activity

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