Daily Prompt: Procrastinate

I haven’t been home for the last 3 years. Not even once since we moved to Dubai.

I always have an excuse. The electricity shutdowns are too much to bear in the heat, the winter is too cold and the security situation is terrible.

I haven’t met my only brother since then. His daughters are so much bigger now. They are even too shy to be seen on Skype.

What is the real reason for not wanting to go back? Am I too used to the comforts of a big house and a maid to do all the work? Will I be uncomfortable in my small house back home?  I’ve lived all my life there, why do the 12 hours a day electricity shutdowns and suicide bombings scare me now? Shouldn’t my son visit his own home and know his own country? He can’t even speak his mother tongue. Shouldn’t I have made more of an effort to teach him? When he speaks the few words he knows he sounds like a foreigner.

Should I plan a trip home in the next holidays? But…

We came to Dubai for a better life and now that we have it I don’t want to look back. If it’s not safe in my country, I don’t want my son to be put in any kind of danger or discomfort. Let me procrastinate a little longer.

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