Daily Prompt: Moved to Tears

Every day, for the last 7 years, she has been bathing her 34 year old daughter and fixing her hair and feeding her through a feeding tube. Her daughter suffered severe brain damage due to complications stemming from a C-section in which she delivered twins. She is bedridden and completely dependent on her mother for care and she has not seen her children for years.

This story moved me to tears as I read about the family in today’s newspaper. The mother is caring for her grown-up daughter as she did when she was a child. She is the only one who has not given up hope even though she has been told by the doctors that her daughter’s condition will never improve. Others have moved on, her daughter’s husband has married again and the twins are cared for by his family, but her mother still clings on to the hope that one day her daughter will recover and be reunited with her children. She sits by her bed and recites the Quran and talks to her every day.

How cruel can fate be for a mother to have to see her daughter this way. Doesn’t she deserve to see her daughter, a qualified doctor live her life to the fullest? Doesn’t she deserve to even get to see her grandchildren? And her daughter who carried her children in her womb for nine months never got to know the joys of motherhood? She lies motionless but when shown pictures of her children, she cries.

I pray that God has mercy on both mother and daughter and eases their pain.


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