Getting on a plane with a 3 yr old

I know that the title suggests harrowing tales of a screaming 3 yr old running wild in the hallways of the airport and hysterical tantrums in the aisles of the airplane, but none of that happened. We had a short flight followed by a couple of hours in transit and another short flight, arriving well past his bedtime at the hotel. But no, no screaming or tantrums. He enjoyed every minute of it (except maybe when the food arrived which he refused to eat).

He couldn’t understand what all the fuss of security checks and counters was at the airport, but still he waited patiently while we stood in queues to check in. He got excited when the metal detector beeped and I had to take off my bracelet and re-enter. He sang “The wheels of the bus” while riding the bus to the airplane. In the airplane he watched his movie and laughed loudly at Elmo’s antics. When we landed and got up to disembark the plane he asked everyone around him, “Are you all OK? I’m talking to the passengers!” I think he wanted to use the new word he had learnt in a sentence. He refused to sleep because he didn’t want to miss anything. I had to hold his hand tightly while we waited at immigration but he thanked us once we started moving again.

All in all it was a breeze getting on a plane with a 3 yr old. Will this good behaviour continue or was it just the calm before the storm?

Enjoying the inflight entertainment

Enjoying the inflight entertainment


2 thoughts on “Getting on a plane with a 3 yr old

    • I know! I was really apprehensive especially because of the transit flight. I know he didn’t want to get on the plane again but he really showed a lot of patience! Let’s hope all is well on the way back as well.

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