Remembering Nana

This is one of the first things I wrote when I started this blog recently…

What wouldn’t I give for my father to see his grandson today? To be able to laugh together at the things that little Nadir says and does. To be able to hear him call him “Nana” and run into his arms. Would he be proud of him already completing one year of school? Would he be telling people how good his school report was, like he used to with our end of year reports? Would he have kept a nickname for him, like he had for all of his three children? How often would he come and visit us? How many times would I call him and tell him the latest of his grandson’s exploits? Would he tell him to be tough like the soldier he was, when he fell down and began to cry? Would he be able to sleep if he heard him coughing at night?

I can already see so much of him in my son. When he comes forward to have a chat with anyone who comes to our house; when he likes to show his new toys to our visitors; his loud hearty laugh, shining eyes and chubby hands. What would they play together and what would be their favorite game?

Poor little Nadir, oblivious to the joys of having a grandfather! Will you be fond of Electronics when you grow up like your Nana or will you follow in his footsteps to have a military career? Whatever you choose to do, I know you will make us proud as you would have made your Nana proud; and how I wish you had met him, if only once. How much joy you would have given him! How happy he would have been!

We miss you Nana! God Bless you.

With my father

With my father

18 thoughts on “Remembering Nana

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  13. This post was completely unexpected, after I read the name.
    I live in the USA, and here, ‘Nana’ is usually one of the nicknames for a grandMOTHER What a surprise it was to see that it is the opposite where you are!

    I love learning new things about other cultures and countries… thank you for sharing this heartfelt piece. As one who grew up without a grandfather (my mother’s father died when I was about 3, and my father’s when I was about 7, I barely remember my father’s father, and have no recollection of my mother’s father) I can relate.

    • In my language (Urdu) maternal grandparents are Nana and Nani, paternal grandparents are Dada and Dadi. There’s no vague uncle or aunt, instead we have a separate word for each relation; mother’s sister (khala), father’s sister (phupi), mother’s brother’s wife (mumani) etc. Traditionally we value family a lot and these relations mean a great deal to us.

      • 😀 How interesting! I’m completely fascinated by cultures and languages (unfortunately, not too good at retaining the languages!). Thank you for sharing! I love learning new things!

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